We Provide Quality Services
We Provide Quality Services

Q1.  If I have questions or suggestions, how  can I contact you?
A.  You can contact us through various ways. By scrolling  down to the bottom, you can see under SOCIAL, you can

send us message through them. Or you can send  an  email directly to WanTong  Fan's aftermarket  email  address

at wantongfj@qq.com,we will get  back to you  within 24 hours.

Q2.  How do I place an order?
A.  After you and our sales representative confirm the  price and product model, quantity and other relevant 

parameters, we will draw up a purchase and sale contract with you, according to the relevant terms of the contract

to execute. 

Q3.  Both Fiberglass fan and plastic fan are good, each has its own characteristics, how I choose?
A.  Fiberglass fan blades and frame are made of  high  strength plastic steel (FPR),  so the performance of the 

fiberglass fans is better than plastic fans, the servicing life is 2-3 times  longer; Overall the Fiberglass fan are more

popular among industries.

Q4.  Which is better FRP fan or stainless steel  fan?
A.   Generally speaking, stainless steel is better as the cost is much higher. We would recommend our customers to

choose stainless steel fan if the environment contain hydrochloric acid. But for other medium, with wind  pressure

more than 7000 Pa, temperature more than 100  degrees, we do not recommend customer to use  stainless steel.

Q5. What is called fiberglass blower? What is its use in?
A.  Fiberglass fan as its name implies is the use of fiberglass made of fans, fiberglass has the  characteristics of 

corrosion resistance is the characteristics with fiberglass. Because fiberglass fans are more expensive than ordinary

steel fans, So the use of fiberglass fan in our country is not very  widespread, but with the development of technology 

in recent years, the process gradually mature, which reduces a lot of costs, its use is also gradually increasing.