We Provide Quality Services
We Provide Quality Services

With the satisfaction and expectation of users as the unswerving pursuit of quality;
You can get reliable technical consulting services, from site survey to wind turbine selection, just a phone call or an email, in the shortest time,
You can get our response and help.


Pre-sale and sale service commitments:

1、During the quotation process, the employees of each representative office are obliged to make the customer fully understand and understand the product model, technical indicators, performance, use occasion, safety precautions, etc., so as to ensure that the customer makes the correct choice before the contract is signed. After signing the contract, we will strictly abide by the quotation and contract provisions, and timely provide quality products consistent with the model in the contract within the agreed delivery period. If the customer proposes to change the product model before delivery, we will provide active communication and cooperation to meet the reasonable requirements of the customer. For orders that cannot be changed, we will seriously confirm in writing with the customer before the contract is signed to reduce the cost. Customers cause unnecessary troubles and losses.

2、All products will be delivered to the address agreed with the customer in the contract by a third-party professional logistics company or courier company entrusted by each logistics center. Our quality service will be passed through the entire logistics process. If customers receive unfair treatment in the process of logistics services, please directly contact the customer service engineer or customer relationship management center serving you for support and assistance. At the same time, we will review regularly Service process to avoid this kind of phenomenon.

3、Before the product is used, it will provide on-site technical support, training and demonstration according to the customer's written or email request, so that the customer's relevant staff can fully understand and understand the product's function, use method and safety precautions. Our product quotations generally do not include on-site technical service fees. In the subsequent use of the product, patient, friendly, and enthusiastic technical support will be provided to reliably ensure the safe use of guest rooms and excellent operation.


After-sales service commitment:

The quality guarantee period of our company's products is: twelve months from the date of delivery.
During the quality assurance period, if there is a failure caused by the manufacturing quality, the company is responsible for free maintenance services.
After receiving the complaint information, the company will contact the customer within 12 hours and put forward handling opinions.
A professional after-sales maintenance team is set up, within 24 hours in the Pearl River Delta region; service response within 72 hours outside the Pearl River Delta, providing a strong guarantee for the good operation of the products you use!
For on-site services that are not caused by the company’s manufacturing quality, our company will charge customers technical service fees as appropriate based on the actual travel and other expenses incurred.
Our company provides paid maintenance services for damages caused by quality problems not manufactured by our company or damages outside the warranty period.


Total quality commitment:

Regardless of our website, or about products or services, we are very happy to hear any of your comments, and will give full respect.
We will take your comments, suggestions, opinions or feedback seriously, and reply quickly if we can.
I would like to express my sincere thanks for your browsing and reading, and I wish you a happy life and work! Thank you!


Pre-sale and Sale service commitments:

In order to facilitate user quality complaints, our company's after-sales service hotline: +86-20-34734015 8:30-17:30 in the morning Fax: +86-20-34734593 The fax machine is open 24 hours.